The Team


Our team

Our team works hard on developing sustainable solutions for a renewable future; this is our mission. We believe that energy storage is an essential part of the energy transition and an important element with which we can balance renewable energy supply with demand.

Our ambition is to make a clean future achievable through the technologies and products that we provide. For us, the need for a renewable future is clear, and the road to achieve it almost always involves innovation, storage, and generating energy which is less harmful to our environment.

Together we have considerable experience in the field of renewable energy and technological developments, financing, and scientific research. We utilise this experience to achieve our mission, working together for a cleaner future.

Allan Ralston

Chief Projects Officer

Astrid Hartwijk

Chief Development Officer

Marjolein Overbosch

Marketing and Communications Manager

Corinne Faassen

Senior Project Manager

Bert Beek


Patrick Brouns